Brooker Transportation Agency is the leading insurance specialist in the trucking industry. We believe that our truck drivers, motor carriers, owner-operators are truly the backbone of America. During Covid-19, we saw the resolve of our truckers as they were given the title of ‘essential workers’ that they have always deserved. When it comes to knowledge and expertise in this industry, Brooker Transportation Agency has a history of recognition among fleets both large and small. We provide you with the proper truck-specific coverages in order to protect your business from a variety of commercial trucking risks.

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Some insurance coverages that your trucking business may need include:

  • Commercial auto liability
  • Motor truck cargo coverage
  • Physical damage coverage
  • General liability
  • Hazmat insurance
  • Livestock cargo coverage
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Bobtail insurance
  • Occupational accident coverage

Whether you are an owner-operator of a commercial truck business or have hundreds of trucks on the road for you, you know that you must manage the risks your business faces. Anything can happen out on the road, so you want to be confident that your business is protected from loss. We provide on-site vehicle and driver safety demonstrations upon request, from trained specialists who will have your drivers engaged and driving safer than ever. There are many variables that affect your insurance premiums, but none are greater than the safety of your drivers and your ability to avoid large losses.

Some of the variables which can affect the cost of your insurance premiums may include:

  • Cost of your truck
  • Type of cargo
  • Driving history
  • Length of transport
  • Credit Score

We don’t want to just work with anybody, a partnership between an insurance agency and business owner needs to be the right fit for both parties. Insurance is such a large part of having a transportation business, that you want to make sure you have the right people making sure you are protected from all angles. At the end of the day, we represent the interests of our insurance companies and we advocate on behalf of the best interests of our insured to those companies.