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Property insurance coverage is where our value as your agent really stands out.  Too many insurance companies and agencies expect their customers to do all the work for them. We believe you deserve a true partner as your independent insurance agent, someone you can count on. Invite one of our agents out to your building or your floor operation and we will put together a plan that takes the pressure off of you and gets you the coverage you really need.

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Property insurance coverage is where our
value as your agent really stands out.

Finding you inexpensive insurance coverage that does not leave you unprotected is a step in the right direction, but we believe you deserve more from an insurance agency. Property value fluctuations, seasonal changes in inventory, business interruption coverage, depreciation, co-insurance limitations, and skyrocketing inflation are all reasons you want to have our agency review your policy.

Property valuations for insurance are one way we stand out, but we also make sure you have all the coverage you need in case a property claim strikes your business. Business interruption, loss of rents, rental equipment, extra expense, and electronic data are all ways we can keep your business from feeling the full effects of a property damage claim.

We can navigate your property insurance needs by breaking down full rebuild costs, partial loss claims scenarios, and safety requirements. We have former property claims adjusters on staff that can go into more detail on what you need and how to prepare for all types of property damage.  When claims do happen, we are ready to be on site helping you through the process and holding the insurance company accountable for their promise to you.

At the end of the day, you need a partner that can balance difficult to value property amounts, depreciation, rising inflation, rising costs of construction, insurance company safety requirements and rising cost of operations all while keeping your insurance premium as competitive as possible. Unfortunately, the places you can go to get that are fewer every day. We’re proud to be that for our clients and we thank them for trusting us with their businesses from generation to generation.

Our service staff is ready and waiting to process new equipment and building purchases accurately and with speed so you know you have coverage and how your new property will impact your monthly premium. If you agree that you deserve more than what you are currently getting, contact us and we’ll protect what’s yours.