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At Brooker Insurance, we have spent the last 83 years developing and fostering a culture that makes this place like no other. We believe that great customer experiences begin with great employee experiences.

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You can find us celebrating the Cleveland Indians opening day each year, or kicking back at a company potluck in the parking lot of The Brooker Building. Whether you are a client or an employee of Brooker, everyone is treated as family here. We love our people well and want them to know that they’re appreciated. When an employee has been at Brooker for 20 years, our President gives them a vacation to a secret location. He then reveals the destination of the getaway when he honors the employee at our annual Christmas party. Retired employees of Brooker are also always invited to the Christmas party, because at Brooker once you’re family, you’re always family. We believe that it is vital to take time to breathe, to pause and to reflect. That is a big reason why we encourage a positive work-life balance for our team at Brooker.  We value taking time to grow closer as a team, whether through the healthy competition of our office March Madness brackets or through volunteering in our local communities. We believe that human connection and building relationships with each other and our customers is priceless, and so we make it a priority. In this way and in all that we do, we strive to stand apart in a cookie-cutter industry where one insurance company appears no different than the next. We are confident in our team, our abilities, our values, and our brand. We each strive to live out our core values both within and outside of the office, as we know that we each represent Brooker through our decisions and actions. Our reputation is everything to us and we want to grow our business in a way that would make our predecessors proud. Growing, but never losing sight of who we are and why we started. We have always been and will always be boldly Brooker.

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Being an independent agency means we have more options with less effort required from you. Shopping around for the most competitive price and complete coverage means our insurance companies compete for your business. Instead of presenting you with one cookie cutter policy that may not fit, we show you the pricing and coverage options for multiple insurance companies. This gives you more power in the buying process and more confidence that we are not just giving you a sales pitch of a single option. This not only makes sense today when you are comparing quotes, but in the future as well when you may want to shop again. As an independent agency, we can shop your policy anytime and if it ever makes sense to change insurance companies, you get to keep the same service team who’s been helping you for years. When it comes to insurance, independent agencies are the best way to go for personalized service, exceptional knowledge and competitive rates. Contact Brooker today to let us show you the difference we can make as your independent agent and advisor.